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7 reasons to paint your front door black

  • If you’re thinking of changing the colour of your front door, don’t do anything until you’ve read this blog post on 7 reasons to paint your front door black. If you’ve been thinking about changing it to black, then this post will give you that final boost of confidence to go for it, and if you’d never considered it before then you won’t even need to consider any other colour after reading this! Find out more below.

    1.     On trend at the moment: Black as an interior design colour is very on trend, with monochrome interiors seeing a huge surge in popularity in recent years. The addition of a black front door will help to continue this monochrome theme from the inside to the outside, ensuring consistency throughout your whole home.

    2.     Timeless and classic: Our range of black front doors have consistently been a big hit with our customer base since they were first introduced, and they show no signs of abating in popularity anytime soon. This makes a black front door the perfect choice for a classic investment in your home which won’t date.

    3.     Easy to maintain: Dark colours are much easier to maintain, and to keep clean and this is especially important for your front door, unless you plan to regularly wipe it down each week to keep it looking great.

    4.     Choice available: Black paint doesn’t mean that your front door will look the same as everyone else’s – just check out the fantastic range of external door styles we have for making the front of your home unique to you. Do you want glass panels? No problem. A letterbox? We can cater to that. A black front door still allows you all the personalisation choices you would have with any other colour.

    5.     Great match for most styles of house: One of the main advantages of painting your front door black is that it matches with the majority of house styles from cottage to contemporary, so you can start painting with confidence. Your door style is more important here to make sure that your entrance doesn’t look out of place, but we can cater to all styles with our extensive range.

    6.     Makes for a brilliant contrast with flowers and plants at your front door: If good aesthetics are important to you then you’ll love having a black front door as the contrast between this strong colour as pops of colour from shrubs or plants around your entrance will look fantastic. Just check out these examples to see how it could look for your own home.

    7.     Match to your garage door: One essential reason for painting your front door black is to match it to the garage door or fence around your garden. Having too many colours around your home exterior can make it look messy and uncoordinated, which doesn’t add to its curb appeal if you’re trying to sell, or to the general first impression you’re trying to create for guests.