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Choose the right frames and mouldings to complement your door

  • You know that the finishing touches can really make or break your décor style, but some of the areas often overlooked are the frames and mouldings to complement new doors – and it’s only when you see it done badly that you realise just how important it is to give this a little thought. Here’s a few tips on how to choose the right frames and mouldings to complement your door to ensure you love the end result.

    What are frames and mouldings?

    Your frames and mouldings are the areas around your door which add character, design and subtle detail to really make your home fixtures and fittings look superb. It’s common in the industry to hear these terms interchangeably, along with ‘trim’, casing’ or even ‘architrave’ which is the moulded frame around a doorway or window.  In terms of design style, these can be as simple or lavish as you like, and now that you know what they are you’ll immediately be paying more attention to them wherever you go.

    What styles are available?

    At DoorStore.co.uk we know that you want a wide choice of frames and mouldings in various colours and styles so that’s exactly what we offer. Choose from popular wood options like oak, walnut or mahogany, or primed mouldings ready for painting if you have a specific colour in mind. You can also choose moulded or bevelled skirting if you don’t want plain, and many of our styles are available in different widths too, so you can decide which is the best option for your personal style.

    What should I choose to match my door style?

    ·        Match the wood to your doors

    If you want to enhance the natural beauty of your doors, you should try to match your frames and mouldings using the same wood colour. We offer an extensive range including oak, walnut, mahogany, primed frames and untreated frames and mouldings so you can match to your door perfectly. If you have painted your door, you can also paint the frames and skirting to match – what do you think of this dark grey style?

    ·        Contrast the colour

    A more modern approach is to contrast the colour of your frames and mouldings to create a dramatic, eye-catching effect on an element of your fixtures and fittings which normally blend into the rest of your décor. What do you think of this black door frame on a white wall? We think it’s pretty striking.

    ·        Use architrave to make a grand entrance between rooms in an open plan setting 

    We love this clever idea of using architrave to make the space in-between rooms feel much more grand – such a simple idea with a big impact. Would this work for your own home?

    If you’re still struggling to choose the right frames and mouldings to complement your doors, why not get in touch and ask the advice of one of our expert team? We’re on hand to help with all your door queries, and we have some fantastic examples to show you in our showrooms if it suits you to call in and see us.