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Creating a fun Halloween exterior for your home

  • With the end of October in sight, it’s time to embrace the Halloween holiday and get into the spirit of the season with some décor. Whether it’s to host a Halloween party or to let trick-or-treaters know that it’s ok to call, here are some handy tips for creating a fun Halloween exterior for your home.

    Sweeping up the leaves

    First things first, for creating a fun Halloween exterior for your home you need to make your home exterior presentable. That means sweeping up any stray leaves and making sure the garden has had all the dead plants removed. Now you can start thinking about how you can transform your garden into a spooky graveyard to scare any Halloween revellers! Here’s a few great ideas for inspiration to get you started. Will you go with skeletons stuck in hedges, or fake tombstones dotted about the lawn?

    Pumpkin on the front step

    It wouldn’t be Halloween without a carved pumpkin sitting on the front step. There are some brilliant examples of carved pumpkins by extremely talented artists out there, but if you’re after a fun Halloween exterior for your home sometimes the old designs are the best – triangle eyes and a toothy grin!  Check out these ideas for an afternoon of pumpkin carving fun.

    Don’t stick things to your doors and windows

    As tempting as it might be to stick fake cobwebs or other decorations to your front door, you don’t want to damage the paintwork or the finish. Never use sticky tape or glue to fix temporary decorations to your home exterior, and always test your adhesive of choice on an inconspicuous area first before sticking things all over the place. That being said, here are some great ideas for a spooky exterior for your home.


    For Halloween decorating ideas, candles aren’t really appropriate for your home exterior, but a cheap and effective alternative are glowsticks! You can put these into lanterns or inside your pumpkin to light it from within with a spooky glow. We also love this idea of putting them inside kitchen roll holders with cut out eyes. Make the most of lighting from inside your home too – creating cut out black shapes and then lighting the room inside to create creepy window silhouettes will also add another level of terror to your haunted house theme. These ideas are brilliant, and you don’t need to spent too much time or effort to create the desired effect.

    Must have accessories

    There are few essential decorations that you will need to have for any haunted house exterior – these include skulls, bats, spiders, witches hats and fake skeletons. Have fun placing these around your front door and front garden to scare the neighbours.