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Draught proofing your doors for a cosy autumn

  • September is here, which means that autumn is well and truly on the way. There’s something very comforting about the thought of fleecy blankets, open fires and cinnamon-scented candles burning nearby, but if there’s one thing that will ruin this cosy retreat you’ve made for yourself it’s those pesky draughts. Now is the time to take charge of the draughts around your home so that you can enjoy a cosy autumn and winter, not to mention save money on your heating bills. Here’s a few tips on draught proofing your doors for a cosy autumn.


    Use foam tape and brush strips


    Weather-stripping tape can be applied down the sides of windows and doors where there are noticeable gaps, as these are the gaps the hot air is escaping from. If your doors don’t fit the frames properly around the floor you can also apply brush strips to internal and external doors to prevent draughts from creeping in too. These can be purchased from most DIY stores and only take a few minutes to attach to your doors. They can also be painted or stained to blend in with the colour of your door to make them less noticeable.


    Draught excluders along the bottom of the door


    These used to be common home economics projects in school, but they are actually useful little accessories to have if you don’t want to attach anything to your doors which could detract how they look. These fabric draught excluders are easy to make yourself out of spare fabric and foam filling, but if you would prefer to buy ones there are lots of styles, colours and unique designs out there. Simply pop in front of the door where you notice a draught and store away in the summer when you don’t need them.


    Caulk around the frames


    Sometimes the frames around the doors are the problem, rather than the doors themselves allowing the draughts to come through. The best way to seal these is with caulk, and make sure you do the outside of the door frames of your external doors to stop any unwelcome cold spots. If your frames are noticeably damaged or aged beyond repair, why not take a look at the frames and mouldings we have available on the website.


    Seal up letterboxes


    Your hallway can feel very cold at times but this is normally due to the cold air coming in through the letterbox. If you are suffering from the cold, you might want to seal up your letterbox permanently and have a wall-mounted post box on your home exterior instead. Alternatively, you can also attach the brush strips to your letterbox to help manage the draughts.


    Why are your doors draughty and what can you do about them?


    If your doors are old and warped, they may no longer fit the frames and this can cause them to be draughty. Sometimes, during the summer months when the temperature is hot and humid, wooden doors can swell and stick, so many people think shaving them down slightly will help them fit, however in the winter when they contract again you’re left with gaps around them. If you’ve decided enough is enough and you want new internal doors that fit properly and cut down on those draughts, then browse our extensive collection now and start picking out your favourites.