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Giving your staircase a new lease of life

  • For many homes, the staircase is just a way to get from one floor to another. Sure it’s practical, but since when does practical have to be boring? You can transform your staircase and give it a fresh new perspective with some simple changes that don’t have to mean a complete refurbishment. Here’s our tips on giving your staircase a new lease of life and making it a focal point of your home, instead of a forgettable one.


    Dress it up with wall art


    Having framed family photographs on the wall as you go up the stairs is pretty much a given in any household, but size and placement can really make a world of difference to the overall feel of the space, instead of having them haphazardly hung at random intervals. Spend a little time thinking this out before you place any nails in the wall – and use this guide as an example of frame size and placement for maximum effect.


    Understairs storage


    Giving your stairs a new lease of life could be as simple as adding some storage space, or transforming it into a cosy little reading nook. If you do decide to make use of the space, say for example using it as a cloakroom, you can find a range of high quality louvre doors on our website which would be perfect for this. Have you got storage potential under your stairs? What could you do with that extra space?


    Add some lighting


    A landing and hall light are normally the only sources of illumination we use for our staircases, but instead of having these practical, if a bit uninspiring choices, why not transform this space with some staircase lighting instead? You can’t imagine the world of difference this makes to a simple staircase – just take a look at some of these examples.


    Update your handrail


    Handrails aren’t just necessary for safety on your stairs, they can be a thing of beauty too. We offer a simple but stylish range of handrails to complement most staircases, whether you have a traditional oak, modern white or a plain one that you intend to paint or gloss to make it stand out more against your wall. You can get quite creative with these too, and add some LED lighting underneath them for additional illumination.


    Fancy stair rods


    The trend at the moment when it comes to stairs is for wooden staircases with a carpet runner going up the middle. If this is your current style, make a simple change to your current stairs by replacing the old stair rods with stylish new ones to draw the eye to this space in admiration, instead of just glossing over it – what a simple and effective way to breathe new life into this little corner of your home.


    New staircasing


    If you’ve decided to replace your old staircase for a new one, we also offer a range of stylish staircases as well as doors. Check out our range of white primed staircasing, oak and pine, for the perfect addition to any modern or traditional home. We also provide Stairclad Systems, which will allow you to rejuvenate tired looking staircases without having to totally replace them. Ask us more about these systems, and how you can transform your current staircase with them.