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Great places to incorporate louvre doors at home

  • Internal doors are an absolute must have at home, even if your layout is open plan. There are so many stylish options available when it comes to internal doors, from solid wood, to glass panels, with clear and frosted glass for privacy, but we think the louvre doors deserve a little bit of a comeback. Some people see these doors as being very old fashioned, however with the resurgence of the ‘shabby chic’ interior trend, these doors are proving to be very popular and they have so many uses in the home.

    These doors are characterised by the horizontal angled slats, typically made from wood, and their primary function is to let in light and air. Here are some great places to incorporate louvre doors at home and some inspiring photos to get you started thinking about your own home and how you could refresh your design with these doors. 


    Louvre doors would be a great addition to your bedroom in the form of wardrobe doors. An excellent way to keep your clothes protected from dust and direct sunlight, the ventilated slats will also help to let air circulate around your clothes. This means you’ll be able to help keep your clothes look great by reducing the chance for mildew to form and reduce that musty smell from unworn clothes by helping to keep them aired.  We love this idea of mounting the louvre doors on a runner so that they slide too – a modern twist on a classic look.


    In the kitchen, a louvre door on your pantry is a fantastic idea as it keeps your store cupboard essentials tidied away and still keeps the space ventilated. Your doors can also be painted to blend in with the kitchen décor, or you could turn them into a feature with a colourful coat of gloss paint.

    Hot press

    Keep laundry, towels and bedding aired and smelling fresh with louvre doors on your hot press or airing cupboard. Because this space is normally heated with pipes or a water heater, it also helps to circulate the warm air around instead of enclosing it behind solid wooden doors.

    Partition panels in large rooms

    In a large open plan space, it can be nice to section this off into cosier areas using louvre doors as room dividers, like this little nook that has been created to create a cosy sitting area. It’s also a great idea to use louvre doors on runner to create sliding partitions between rooms as these have the added benefit of being very space saving too as you don’t need room for the door to swing open as you would with traditional hinged doors.


    In terms of creative design, we’ve seen some great examples of innovative people using louvre doors to make colourful vertical gardens, and pretty jewellery holders but the most effective design we think is to use louvre doors as headboards for your bed. This really encapsulates the shabby chic and upcycling trend which is so popular in home interiors today.

    Talk to us today if you’re interested in louvre doors for own home. We have a great range of sizes available and they are made from the best quality pine so they can be painted and finished to suit your own personal tastes and preferences.