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Things to consider for your new internal doors

  • Your internal doors are a great way to reflect your tastes and choices when it comes to interior design, but when you have so much to choose from in this area (colours, furniture, art, soft furnishings) people often overlook their doors and just rush the decision. We’ve seen a lot of people regret this later, so here are the things we think you should consider for your new internal doors to make sure you’re happy with every element.

    What way should your doors open into a room?

    For most people, this choice is an obvious one, but when planning out a new build or with bigger spaces, you might need to think about this one more. When you open a door it will affect the furniture arrangement in the room on the other side, so consider this before you decide.  In some cases, you might not have hinged doors at all, but sliding internal doors or pocket doors which are very practical, stylish and space saving. This design is ideal for a house with an open plan feel, but still gives you the option to close off parts of the space for privacy or peace and quiet.

    Should the doors be fire doors?

    Check your building regulations about which doors should be fire doors. These are specially made with a heavier profile and fire-resistant material to slow the spread of fire. These are normally required in houses with the garage attached, in apartments and other three storey homes.  Normally you will have at least one of these internal doors in your home, but they are available in a variety of designs and colours so should be easy to match to the rest of the door styles.

    What type of handles should you get?

    Think about the rest of the décor style of the house and the colour of the door – we offer a range of colours and finishes in handles for you to choose from. Contemporary silver finishes or classic bronze coloured handles are always a safe choice. Talk to our experts in store if you’re unsure of which handles would suit your internal door style.  

    Should you get solid doors or ones with inset glass panels?

    One of the great things about internal doors is the variety of styles on offer. If you have a dark corridor downstairs or you’d like to allow more natural light between the rooms and the hallway, why not consider doors with glass panels, or frosted glass panels for an extra element of privacy? These doors with inset glazed panels would be perfect between the living room and dining room for example.

    If you have any additional questions about your internal doors, just ask one of our expert team. You can find all our opening hours and contact information on our website in the ‘Contact’ section.