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Thinking of changing your front door? Read this first

  • If you want to make a home improvement change with real ‘wow’ factor results, you can’t get better than changing your front door for an immediate impact. This is a fairly long term investment in your home, so it’s not a decision to be rushed, and there are a lot of factors to consider before you ahead with this change. Find out more about what you should consider if you’re thinking of changing your front door, and if you’ve still got questions just pop in and see us and we’ll answer any other queries you might have.

    House or Apartment?

    If you live in a privately owned house, you can basically do whatever you like with your front door, but if you live in an apartment building where the front door opens into a communal hallway, you might be required to have a fire check door in place here, in case of an outbreak so that the damage to other properties can be limited. Check with the building management company as this element might be out of your control.

    What does the colour say about you?

    When it comes to front door colours, you can be as traditional or experimental as you like, with a range of colourful GRP (glass reinforced plastic) doors, or classic mahogany doors in a range of colours as well as the traditional wood colour. Check out our recent blog post on the perfect colours for your front door and what each says about you.

    What style of front door is right for you?

    Are you a modern and contemporary kind of household, or do you prefer the timeless classic look to fit with the rest of your home décor? If you’re thinking about changing your front door you need to consider how it will fit in with the rest of your house style. For example, a Tudor-style house with a very modern navy blue door would look quite out of place, and a cottage style home would benefit from a matching door style to really highlight the unique features of the property. Ask us if you’re unsure about the right style of door for your particular house.

    What material should it be made from?

    At the Door Store, we offer an extensive range of GRP composite doors and mahogany doors in a range of colours, so what material you choose is really down to you and your personal preference. Some people prefer the feel of solid wood, and some prefer the low maintenance of a GRP door. Consider what your window frames are and match to these for consistency, especially at the front of your house where it will be immediately noticeable.  

    Should your front door include glass panels or frosted panels?

    Again, this is down to personal preference and we can cater to both tastes. If your hallway is dark and has little light, you might want to include some glass panels to allow a little bit of additional natural light to enter, and for additional privacy you can choose to have frosted glass panels. Consider as well if you would like to include a letter box, or if you intend to have an external post box fitted to the wall.