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Updating your front door entrance for summer

  • Summer is the time to get outdoors and enjoy all those lush green lawns, colourful garden decorations, and gorgeous flowers all in bloom, and what better place to show these off than at your own front door? Don’t neglect the entrance to your home this summer – a few simple chores are all it takes to create a wow factor home entrance with real curb appeal. Here’s what you should focus on if you’re planning on updating your front door entrance for summer.

    Porch decoration

    If you’re lucky enough to have a little porch before your front door, ensure it looks immaculate with regular sweeping to get rid of any rubbish. You’ll also need to paint this area regularly as it doesn’t take much for it to look grubby. Make sure you use paint that can withstand the elements, otherwise this job becomes an annual chore, and we’re sure you’d much rather be out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.


    Simple but effective lighting can do wonders for a garden, and especially leading up to your front door it looks very welcoming to any friends and family calling in. Having small spotlights illuminating the driveway is a popular choice, but you can also have solar powered fairy lights wound around any trees or shrubs at the front of your home too.


    If your house exterior lacks any colour it can look a bit drab. While it’s not always advisable to paint your home exterior, you can add colour with a new front door (our GRP doors are available in a wide variety of colours to breathe life into your front door entrance this summer), or if you don’t want to change your front door right now you can add pots of colourful plants around the entrance to cheer it up.

    Essential DIY

    It might not be your favourite job, but to give your front entrance an update, you need to deep clean it. If you have a power-washer this is great for taking off months of accumulated dirt and moss, and will have an instant brightening effect. You should also use this opportunity to inspect around your front door and frames – are there any cracks or gaps that need repairing?

    Clean, paint or varnish front door

    Depending on the material your front door is made from, you will either need to wash it down to remove surface dirt (GRP/Composite doors), or prime it ready for painting or varnishing (mahogany doors) to protect the wood from the elements. If you’re not sure what the correct way to look after your front door is, just ask us – we are the experts and can advise you if you want to change the front colour of your door, or if you want some tips on how to keep it looking great.

    Give your knocker a shine

    Your front door accessories can become tarnished over time, so this summer set yourself a challenge to give your letterbox, door knocker and handle a good polish! You’ll be amazed at the difference.