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Why louvre doors could be the answer to your problems

  • Louvre doors are enjoying a bit of a design comeback in recent years, and we love this trend as louvre doors are actually a fantastically versatile option for many rooms in your home. They are no longer considered to be an old-fashioned décor trend that needs to be replaced, so feel free to start thinking about incorporating them into your own home.

    If you’ve been struggling to find a suitable solution for some common storage areas at home, allow us to explain why louvre doors could be the answer to your problems.


    What are the advantages of louvre doors?


    1.    Easily cut to size: Louvre doors are available in multiple widths so they are very easy to integrate to many different sized spaces. This versatility means they are very popular for solving storage problems all over the house where full length doors and half sized doors are required.

    2.    Inexpensive solution: When it comes to finding cost effective solutions to storage problems, louvre doors are a very budget friendly alternative to consider when you’re trying to make your funds stretch further.

    3.    Ventilated: The main benefit of louvre doors is that the angled slats allow for ventilation and air flow, which is a great benefit when they are used for wardrobes. This helps to keep clothes from smelling musty and damp, so they are a great idea for spare room wardrobes where you might not be accessing the contents every day.

    4.    Can be painted any colour you like: Our louvre doors are available in plain pine, meaning you can finish them in any way you like. Paint them, varnish them, gloss them – they can blend into your design or you can make them a feature and paint them a bold colour to really make them stand out.


    Where can I use louvre doors in my home?


    The short answer – anywhere you like! Here are some examples of how louvre doors could be the answer to your problems:


    Hallway: Need an update to your hallway coat cupboard? Louvre doors are ideal as they offer the ventilation this cupboard space needs so that coats that aren’t worn for a while can still have air circulating around them to keep them fresh.


    Bedroom: Louvre wardrobe doors are the perfect addition to your bedroom – they offer light, they keep clothing aired and they can be bi-fold style as well. They’re also a lighter option than sliding doors or solid wood doors, so a great idea for a child’s bedroom.


    Kitchen: Transform a cupboard into a pantry using half size louvre doors – very on trend with the shabby chic décor style that is happening right now.


    Hot press: Keep linens and towels fresh by adding ventilating louvre doors to the front of your hot press. This will also allow some of the heat to escape from this hot water tank and circulate around this part of the house.  


    Decorative accents: Louvre doors are being increasingly used as decorative accents by creative types who want to add unique and interesting touches to their home. For example, we love this idea of using louvre doors as a headboard for your bed. What do you think?