There is so much choice when it comes to choosing doors for your home today.  Indeed, some home owners opt for no doors at all with open plan, minimal living spaces a prominent feature of modern architecture.  Despite this, internal doors can still play a big part in how your home looks.  Your doors, floors and furniture all play a big role in how your home looks and feels.  They will often make the biggest impression to friends, family and guests, so getting the right furniture and the right fixtures and fittings for your home, whether it’s a new build, renovation or upgrade is always an important task.  One design trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is glazed doors.  Below we look at three reasons why glazed internal and external doors are so popular among homeowners.

3 Reasons to invest in glazed doors:

1.       Natural light Adding glazed doors in your home, especially with external doors can really open up your home as it allows natural light to enter your rooms.  This can be particularly useful for living areas like your living room, dining room and kitchen as glazed internal doors in these areas can bring light into spaces without having to sacrifice other comforts like warmth and silence, something which is lost when opting for an open plan design.  Glazed doors allow you to retain a lot of natural light which can really open up a space and in some cases act as a divider between one room and another.

2.       More space Okay, so fitting glazed doors won’t actually make your home bigger, but it will create the illusion of space throughout your home, especially in rooms like your hallway and living room where large windows may also be located.  Internal doors are often seen as a barrier between adjoining rooms, but the addition of windows to these doors helps to make these rooms feel more together and starts to make your home feel as one rather than a series of separate spaces.  Ultimately, the addition of windows to your internal and external doors make your internal rooms and spaces feel much bigger.  If you use neutral colours for paint and furniture, or even opt for a glazed white door, this only further enhances the illusion of more space in your room.

3.       See what’s happening in other rooms One of the biggest advantages of glazed doors is their transparency.  Being able to look from one room into another is a big thing for many homeowners, especially those with young kids and even pets.  Internal glazed doors can make a home feel safer as you can see what is happening in other rooms.  So if your kids are playing in the living room and you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen, a glazed door will allow you to keep an eye on them at all times. Are glazed doors for you? Are you looking to add more light to your home and make those smaller rooms feel larger?  If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of glazed internal and external doors, check out our range of glazed doors today or visit your nearest showroom.