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Laminate Doors

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  1. Shaker 1-Panel Lava Grey (40mm)Shaker 1-Panel Lava Grey (40mm)
    • 69% OFF
    6 SIZES Shaker 1-Panel Lava Grey (40mm)
    Was £191.88 Now £59.88 £49.90
  2. Shaker 1-Lite Unglazed Lava GreyShaker 1-Lite Unglazed Lava Grey
    • 65% OFF
    5 SIZES Shaker 1-Lite Unglazed Lava Grey
    Was £170.28

    Now £59.88 £49.90

  3. Vancouver Lava Grey (40mm)Vancouver Lava Grey (40mm)
    • 25% OFF
    14 SIZES Vancouver Lava Grey (40mm)
    Was £167.88 Now £149.88 £124.90
  4. Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Lava GreyTigris 1-Lite Unglazed Lava Grey
    • 9% OFF
    7 SIZES Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Lava Grey

    From £163.08 £135.90

  5. Vancouver Stone Grey (40mm)Vancouver Stone Grey (40mm)
    • 11% OFF
    4 SIZES Vancouver Stone Grey (40mm)
    Was £165.48 Now £149.88 £124.90
  6. Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Stone GreyTigris 1-Lite Unglazed Stone Grey
    5 SIZES Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Stone Grey

    From £163.08 £135.90

  7. Vancouver Granite Grey (40mm)Vancouver Granite Grey (40mm)
    • 11% OFF
    4 SIZES Vancouver Granite Grey (40mm)
    Was £167.88 Now £149.88 £124.90
  8. Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Granite GreyTigris 1-Lite Unglazed Granite Grey
    4 SIZES Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Granite Grey

    From £163.08 £135.90

  9. Vancouver Laminate Walnut (40mm)Vancouver Laminate Walnut (40mm)
    • 11% OFF
    6 SIZES Vancouver Laminate Walnut (40mm)
    Was £165.48 Now £149.88 £124.90
  10. Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Laminate Walnut (40mm)Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Laminate Walnut (40mm)
    4 SIZES Tigris 1-Lite Unglazed Laminate Walnut (40mm)

    From £163.08 £135.90

  11. Ottawa Olive Oak (35mm)Ottawa Olive Oak (35mm)
    4 SIZES Ottawa Olive Oak (35mm)
    From £155.88 £129.90
  12. Ottawa 1-Lite Olive OakOttawa 1-Lite Olive Oak
    2 SIZES Ottawa 1-Lite Olive Oak
    From £191.88 £159.90
  13. Ottawa Lava Grey (35mm)Ottawa Lava Grey (35mm)
    4 SIZES Ottawa Lava Grey (35mm)
    From £155.88 £129.90
  14. sharpsharp
    2 SIZES Ottawa 1-Lite Lava Grey (35mm)
    From £191.88 £159.90
  15. Heritage Metallic Black 5-Lite Laminate Door (35mm)Heritage Metallic Black 5-Lite Laminate Door (35mm)
    • 32% OFF
    3 SIZES Heritage Metallic Black 5-Lite Laminate Door (35mm)
    Was £263.88 Now £184.68 £153.90

Our range of laminate internal doors have a very durable, hardwearing finish which makes them a practical and cost effective choice.

Our low-maintenance laminate doors come pre-finished meaning you will not need to paint or varnish them again. Choose from a wide range of quality internal doors in a variety of styles and finishes. We stock everything from contemporary grey laminate doors to classic white laminate doors.

As one of the largest door stockists in the UK & Ireland we can help you determine what type of internal door is best for your needs, depending on where the door will be placed and how often the door will be used and whether blocking noise is of importance to you.

You'll find everything needed for door installation including internal door handles and door furniture here at The Door Store.

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