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4 reasons why mahogany doors are never out of style

  • They say everything comes full circle, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of fashion and design. For home interiors, the trends might not move as quickly as on the high street, but there are definitely home design trends that were seen years ago, coming into play again now (although we truly hope the trend for green bathroom fixtures never makes a comeback).

    One of these trends is the demand for mahogany doors, which up until a few years ago had been replaced by a desire for lighter wood choices and glass panels. If you’re thinking about updating your doors, here are 4 reasons why mahogany doors are never out of style and why you might want to consider them.


    Choice and various styles available

    When you choose mahogany doors, you’ll never feel limited in terms of the styles and designs available, as it is one of the most popular options available on our website. Our mahogany internal doors are available with glass panels, routered panels and plain wood designs, which look fantastic when paired with our rose gold handles. Similarly, our mahogany front doors can be styled with side panels or glazing, and even stained a different colour if you would prefer to change it yet still keep all the strength and durability which mahogany is famed for.


    Mahogany is a rich colour which adds a luxury feel to any home


    One of the key benefits of mahogany which gives it its universal appeal is the colour. Mahogany is simply a beautiful wood, with rich red and brown tones which add an element of indulgence and elegance to any home. For many people, the fear of using mahogany is that it will make a home feel older and less desirable, however as this wood ages it will only get more beautiful, which is surely a key reason why it will never be out of style, and why so many luxury homes choose to incorporate this into their interior. 


    Perfectly suited for modern and traditional homes


    Many people incorrectly assume that mahogany doors will only be suitable for traditional (or old fashioned) homes, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Mahogany doors have been used to stunning effect in all types of homes – just take a look at this beautiful example using a mahogany front door paired with lighter contrasting wood and glass to create an inviting entrance to a contemporary home. 


    Mahogany is extremely durable


    Mahogany is known for its hard-wearing properties, which makes it ideal as a stylish front door which can withstand the elements just as well as a GRP composite alternative. Treating this wood with wax or a stain can help it last even longer, so think of it as a very sensible long term investment in your home. Antique furniture is often made from mahogany which is over hundreds of years old, so this gives you an idea of how robust it is, and features like this help to ensure it will never go out of style.