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5 unusual things that date your home interior

  • Anyone who takes pride in their home likes to think they’re on top of home décor trends and can keep their home interior looking fresh, contemporary and modern. So, you might be surprised to hear that there are 5 unusual things that date your home interior right away – not at all in keeping with the lovely modern space you’ve invested so much time in. But what exactly are these things that are causing our homes to look dated and stuffy? Read on to find out more.

    1.   Fabric in the bathroom

    The only fabrics you should have in the bathroom are fluffy towels – but there are still people who have carpets and toilet rugs in place, a definite nod towards 80s interior design that needs to be promptly forgotten. We wouldn’t even recommend a bathroom mat – it just attracts dirt, damp and mould. Keep your bathroom looking bright, clean and dust free to make sure it reflects the modern style home interior you love.

    2.   Wooden or wood-stained kitchen cabinets

    Nothing dates a kitchen quicker than wooden doors everywhere. Now it’s all about clean, shiny gloss cabinet doors – they’re not necessarily white (in fact mussel coloured doors are seeing a huge increase in popularity), but they are definitely sleek. Upgrading your kitchen is a major expense though, so if you are struggling to live with your old kitchen cabinets, why not try painting them white or changing the handles for a more modern take until you can replace them?

    3.   Pencil pleat curtains

    Curtains are an essential part of your home furnishings, but the style that will date your home most are the pencil pleat ones that are attached using plastic hooks. They bunch together on the rail and look fusty and untidy – not an attractive addition to your modern home. Instead, opt for ring top curtains for a much more sleek finish to your home interior.

    4.   Florals on furniture

    A few years ago florals were everywhere in home interiors, enjoying a bit of a revival. Like most passing trends however they have moved on and if you still have pattered floral soft furnishings it will no doubt be dating your home.  Swap those cushions and curtains for a more modern pattern, or if in doubt stick to plain solid colours for a style that will last.

    5.   Wallpaper borders

    Do you remember wallpapering a room and then adding a border around the middle of it? If you still have these in your rooms at home then it’s likely to have been some time since you last decorated. Time to strip it off and start with something fresh – wallpaper is still very much ‘en vogue’, but styles have switched now to more geometric patterns or large mural-style designs.

    For a truly modern home interior, you need stylish internal doors that reflect your individual style. Thankfully, we have lots of options to choose from, no matter what your design preferences are. They are all stunning designs and perfect for any modern home – you won’t find anything dated here! Check out our full range on the website now.