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5 ways to create a light and airy hallway

  • The hallway sets the tone for the rest of your home, so when you invite guests inside you want it to look as best as possible. Some of the most desirable criteria for a beautiful hallway are for it to be light and airy, but if your home is small or lacks natural light in this area this can be harder to achieve. To help you, here are 5 ways to create a light and airy hallway so that you can feel proud when you invite people over.


    1. Internal doors with glass


    If your hallway lacks natural light, help it along using the available light from the rooms off it buy having internal doors with glass instead of solid wood which will block all the light out. This white door with a glazed glass panel is great for letting light in, and is designed using toughened glass for safety. Alternatively adding side lights to your front door can help add more natural light to this space.


    2. Paint it light


    Stay away from dark colours and matt paint for your hallway if you’re trying to create a light and airy space. Stick to white walls for maximum light potential, and matt paint can quickly look dull and show up every little mark, so choose an alternative paint finish unless you want to paint your hall each year. You can add some interesting colour splashes with curtains or a front door mat so that this space doesn’t look too clinical.


    3. Update the floor for bright tiles


    As the hallway is a high traffic area, you need flooring that can withstand this whilst still looking great. Tiles are a popular choice for this reason – they are easy to clean, look modern and in a bright colour they will add much need light to this small space. Wooden flooring is also a smart choice, and choosing a lighter woodgrain such as ash or a white oak laminate floor will instantly lift your hallway to help create an airy-feeling entrance to your home.


    4. Add mirrors to the walls


    Reflect any light that is currently present with a carefully selected mirror on one side of the hallway. Not only is this a practical addition to your hall but is an easy way to create the illusion of more space in a small or narrow hallway (it’s also a great tip for small bedrooms to have fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors).


    5. Add lighting where you need to


    If you are struggling to find ways to get more light into your hallway, it’s time to cheat! Using electric sources of light is perfectly acceptable, and in most cases it is necessary to have a source of light in the hallway. Try adding spotlights around the floor or going up the stairs for a subtle yet effective finish. You can also add some table lamps (if you have space for a console table in your hallway) and of course make your overhead lights work in your favour here too.