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5 ways to update your internal doors

  • Are you bored of your internal doors? Perhaps they’re old and in need of a refresh? We all want our home interiors to look their best, and changing your internal doors is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact to the overall look and feel of your home. If you need some inspiration as to what you can do with your doors, here are 5 ways to update your internal doors easily to refresh your home interior.


    1. Transform with sleek white


    White is a huge trend in home interiors – everything from floors to walls to furniture and yes, even doors can be white to reflect the contemporary modern home you live in. If your internal doors are in need of updating, why not replace them with our stylish white options? We have everything from plain white internal doors, to white doors with glazed inserts and white doors with panel detailing for an added element of luxury. Browse the full collection of white doors on our website now for some inspiration.


    2. Bring more light in with glazed panels


    If you need to update your home interior, why not try adding more natural light by replacing your current internal doors for a style which includes clear glass panels? Sandblasted panels also offer light benefits, but with added privacy, so you get the best of both worlds. Our customers love our shaker range of oak doors with sandblasted glass panels – and they’re also available with clear glass too.


    3. Switch old fashioned handles for contemporary new ones


    Sometimes the only changes to make to update your internal doors are minor – if you’re happy with the doors you have, why not switch the handles for a more modern finish? We stock a contemporary range of round rose handles to add a sleek finish to your home interiors, and for something a little bit more unique, our best-selling square rose handle is a firm favourite with customers and interior designers alike.


    4. Add luxury with panels


    Plain doors can feel a little unfinished and basic, which is why many of our customers look to panelled doors for adding an additional element of luxury to their home interiors. When it comes to panels on your doors, the choices are vast – you can have contemporary 4 panels doors, vertical recessed panels, or these multi-directional panels to show off the natural beauty and grain of the wood.


    5. Paint the colour of your choice


    If you don’t want to replace your internal doors, you can still update them by painting, glossing or staining them a different colour. To make sure you end up with a professional looking result, check out our recent post on everything you need to do to prepare your doors before painting. Then just decide on your colour and get started. If you decide you still want to replace your current doors with paint grade doors, we can also help with that too.