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Create a festive entrance for your house this Christmas

  • If you love Christmas as much as we do, then you’ll probably already have started thinking about ways to create a festive entrance for your house to welcome friends and family as they pay you a visit this Christmas. If you need some inspiration, we’ve gathered together ideas for everything you could possibly need – from wreaths to flowers, to garlands for your hallway. Read on to get inspired to start your own festive makeover for your home entrance.


    Christmas and fairy lights really go hand in hand, so make sure you get some pretty lights to string around your front door to instantly add a festive feel. You can buy fairy lights that are solar powered too, so you don’t have to worry about running up your electric bill. If you have a porch at the entrance of your house, you can really make this look special to welcome guests as they step through the front door.


    A traditional holly wreath at the front door is a gorgeous seasonal touch for your home entrance, but if tradition isn’t really your thing then not to worry! There are lots of creative ways to update the humble holly wreath into something really unique and eye-catching which will really give your house guests the wow-factor. We absolutely love this woolly ball wreath design, which you can re-use each year, or this candy cane wreath which you can eat afterwards!


    If your hallway is big enough to fit a tree, then we think you should go for it! Keep the decorations simple and classic – gold and cream decorations and white lights always look stunning against the dark green needles. If your hallway isn’t large enough to accommodate a 6 ft tree, some mini ones at either side of the front door would look just as festive. If you already have plants at the front door, some additional fairy lights will instantly transform them.


    Displaying your Christmas cards is essential, but can look a little messy, so our advice would be try and group them by size or colour so they don’t look cluttered on your mantelpiece. We’ve seen some beautiful card trees which allow you to make a stunning festive feature of your cards and really show them off. Check these out for some inspiration.


    When walking into someone’s hallway at Christmas it’s not unusual to see a garland of some description wrapped around the staircase bannister – and you can easily add this to your own home for a stunning festive entrance. The choices are very versatile; you can have your garland decorated with holly, stars, baubles and even lights – it really depends on your personal preference.


    While fresh flowers might not be traditional at this time of year, it’s still nice to have some colour and for this reason, we think a beautiful poinsettia plant would be a fantastic addition to your festive theme. These striking red flowers look stunning, and also make great Christmas gifts. Check out this helpful guide to looking after them to make them last as long as possible.