When you think of the interior design of your home there is so much that goes into creating the final look and feel of your home.  From colours and textiles to furniture and accents, it can take time to get the look you are after, especially when it comes to creating a look that works as the colours of the seasons change throughout the year. 

One thing to remember when it comes to the interior design of your home is the need for planning.  Seek inspiration from friends, family, magazines and the web – look at Pinterest and start your own board – but planning is everything.  Whether you’re completing a new build, renovating your home or simply looking for a change in direction, one area that is just as important as others when it comes to your interiors, is your choice of doors and floors. 

Your external door is often the first thing that visitors to your home will see.  This should give them an idea of what to expect when they enter your home.  This should continue into your home from the hallway through to your living quarters (kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom).  This will be the area that most visitors will frequent in so you want the interiors here to leave a lasting impression.  Below we take a look at the role that internal doors can play in the overall look and feel of your interiors.

Interior doors and interior design
Style of door
The style of door that you choose should reflect the style of your home.  Contemporary doors for example should be used to create a clean and modern feel to your interiors.  The same can be said for more traditional style pine interior doors; teaming them with cast iron door accessories will help to create a rustic country feel throughout your home – an increasingly popular interior trend.  Other interior door styles that are on trend at the minute are white doors and glazed doors.  Both these types of doors also help to create a modern look to your home, but perhaps even more than this they help to create a sense of space in your home, with glazed doors in particular allowing light to fill your home.

Adding a little colour

As already mentioned, white doors can help create a sense of space in your home.  White doors can also work well with a minimalist design, perfect for smaller homes and city centre apartments. From white to bright, a way of injecting your own personality and stamp into your home is to paint your doors, both inside and out.  Colour doors are also increasing in popularity but this is something you can do yourself once you find the perfect type of door.

Wood, wood, wood

While open plan living spaces and tiled and even concrete flooring continue to make their way into many modern builds, it’s hard to look past the classic wooden doors and wooden flooring.  Whatever your wood of choice, be it pine, oak, walnut or mahogany, ensure your internal doors and wooden flooring work together and complement one another.  There’s just something homely and wonderful about walking into a home with stunning wooden floors and doors to match.

Find the right interior doors today

Matching your doors with the rest of your interiors or even planning for a new build will take some thought.  Take your time to ensure you get a look and feel that you will be happy with as you will be the person staying in it for many years to come. To find an internal door that’s right for your home, view our full range here, or simply call into one of our Northern Ireland doors showrooms.