A healthier environment can be attained if only people will reduce their carbon footprints. One way to do this is to reduce the emission of green house gas by opting for energy-saving devices, appliances and construction materials. Start by checking out the efficiency of your home or office fixtures including your doors.

Not too many building owners in Northern Ireland are aware that they can save energy and improve their environment by adopting fixtures that can improve the efficiency of the home or office. The best time to do this is during the construction stage or renovation stage. But if you have had the building for years, then the best thing you can do is to conduct an audit and update your fixtures.

What to check

There are several areas in the home or office that can increase energy consumption and pave the way for a poor environment. Take for example the areas that are supposed to insulate and seal the building from the outdoor environment. These are the floors, windows, ceilings, walls and of course the doors that are usually the culprits when there is too much or lack of air indoors.

Look for cracks and gaps on these problematic spaces because no matter how small, these cracks may be responsible for the uncomfortable environment in your home or office. A crack in any of these areas can create havoc on the efficiency of the ventilation, air conditioning and heating system. If the home occupants feel unusually cold or hot even when the HVAC systems are working well, then look out for those gaps.

Do not wait for the power consumption to go up before you check your doors and windows. For all you know, your bills may have skyrocketed because of a small crack on the door or hinges which can easily be repaired. Energy-efficient fixtures are available in various shops and they can reduce your energy payments considerably once they are repaired or replaced.

Revolving door

Looking for a solution to your insulation problem in Northern Ireland? One way to ensure the efficiency of a building is to choose energy-efficient doors much like the revolving door which is now a preferred fixture in most offices. While you have to spend more for this since it consists of at least three glass doors that continuously rotate when used, this fixture allows the HVAC system to function more efficiently. The ideal material for this door type is glass as it allows users to see through if there are users coming in or out.

Do not worry about the door spinning too fast though, because it usually comes with push bars that allow manual rotation of the wings. But more than its energy-saving features, it also provides more security compared to the ordinary door which is ideal for public areas like airports, schools and corporate headquarters. 

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose other types of doors for your home or office. But if you want to save on energy, and even get some tax credits from the government, then make sure that these fixtures are attached properly and are functioning efficiently.