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Know your doors: interior door parts and styles

  • Updating your internal doors at home can be a confusing task as there are so many styles available, so make sure you get this major home improvement task right by knowing exactly what you want and what’s available. There are lots of different interior door parts and styles to choose from so you can pick the ideal style for you, and lots of terminology to get your head around, but thankfully we’ve collated all the terms you’ll need to know in this handy blog post.

    Door casings, linings and jambs

    When you replace an old internal door for a totally new style, there’s more to think about than just picking a new door style that you like. There are different components of your door to think about – your door lining and casings are used to hang internal doors (for external doors these are called frames), and the door jamb is the side of this section that you see when the door is open.

    If, for example, you are replacing mahogany doors with oak ones, you’ll have to replace this entire unit when you install new doors in order for it all to match and fit correctly. When this installation is complete you might find that now your skirting boards look out of place, so consider this too before you decide on your new internal door colour, otherwise your project could turn out to be much more costly than originally anticipated.

    Single panel doors

    These doors are a simple and basic style, and therefore one of the cheapest options if you are renovating on a budget. Due to their simplicity they are also popular in homes where minimalist interior design styles are favoured. This Flush Oak door is a classic example of a single panel door and would fit perfectly into a minimalist interior design setting.

    Multi-panel doors

    These are more popular choices for doors, and there are many different variations available in these styles to suit your individual preferences. Some of our customer favourites include this 4 panel Edwardian rustic oak style, perfect for a cottage-style décor, or this sophisticated 4 panel Monza Walnut Door, with 5 panels creating an interesting yet subtle design.

    Glazed panel doors

    For internal doors between rooms where you entertain, for example between the kitchen and dining room, or perhaps between a living room and a den, you might wish to have glazed panels of glass in your doors, to let in light or to make entertaining guests between one room and another easier. For this, we would recommend that you think about doors like these Shaker 1 Lite Vision Glass White Oak Door which are sandblasted glass, so they still provide some light as well as privacy, or these Knightsbridge Pre-Glazed doors, which are one of our best value doors.

    Fire check doors

    In some properties, like apartments or even in certain areas of your home, like between the garage and house, it is recommended, and even the law in some cases, to have a fire check door in place. This is intentionally designed for fire resistance, but that doesn’t mean it will be an ugly addition to your home interior. We have a versatile range of fire check doors available, most of which can be matched very closely to your existing doors so that there is synergy across all your décor. Choose from white, oak, mahogany or walnut fire doors for the perfect style for you.

    If you still have questions about the right internal door style for you, please just ask us – our team are on hand to help and you can find all our contact information on our website.