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New front door ideas for every style of home

  • Choosing a new front door for your house? You’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of styles, colours and designs that you can use as inspiration for making this major home improvement to ensure that you’ll love the end result. No matter what style of home you live in, we have a range of options which we think you’ll be suitably inspired by. Here are some new front door ideas for every style of home to get you started on your way to a brand new front door of your own.


    Cottage style


    A cottage-style home is a very unique home style, and therefore it needs a door to match. Cottage style doors are typically characterised by the vertical planks and the decorative metal accessories added to give them their iconic look and feel. If this sounds like your style, our Cottage Pre-Glazed door will be ideal, for your front door or your back door. The classic mahogany wood is robust, secure and very visually appealing – the perfect addition to your country-style abode.


    Bold and bright


    If you love your home to be full of colour, you’ll want your front door to match this theme and set the tone for guests as to what to expect when they visit you. We love colour, which is why we have such a colourful collection of front doors in stock. Our GRP composite doors can be supplied in any of 24 colours – the hardest part will be picking your favourite. Our popular 4 Panel mahogany door is also supplied ready to paint in whatever colour you choose – shown here in a bold cherry red.


    Contemporary and sleek


    If your style of house is very modern and contemporary, you’ll need a front door with similar qualities – sleek, minimalist, understated but still very stylish. One of our customer favourites is the Worcester Unglazed door, where you have the option of changing the glass insert design to suit your taste, and paint it any colour you wish. Alternatively, our GRP Cotswold door is stunning combination of modern style and practical design features, including the 5-point rhino locking system for added security. If you decide to add this front door to your home, make sure you keep the styling at the front of your house minimal too to really complement it – a few tasteful planters in a neutral colour and some contemporary external lighting will really show it off to its full potential.




    For most of us who live in traditional style brick homes, all we want is a new front door which will blend seamlessly and not look out of place. Our best seller is the mahogany Colonial front door - a classic design which will never be out of fashion. It’s very secure, and you can personalise it with your choice of knocker, latches, hinges and letterbox.


    Needs extra light


    Some hallways don’t get a lot of light from other rooms, making them feel a bit dark and unwelcoming. Why not consider a new front door with side lights to add some much-needed natural daylight to your living space? Our customers love the GRP Axor design which allows for plenty of light, or if a more traditional design is your style, we also offer pre-glazed sidelights to add to your favourite mahogany front door design for a totally seamless finish.