The good old traditional woods will always be a sought-after material for their doors. However, most of these hardwoods are no longer easily available. And if they are, they have skyrocketing prices that will not match the not-so-deep pockets of homeowners. This has made pine doors a better alternative for so many reasons.

Wood is enduring so it will always be a welcome material for the home so homeowners who want to have the classic home are now willing to incorporate various wooden materials that can be mixed and matched. When used alone or combined with other materials, pine can look as good as pure hardwood.

Pine doors are made of pine soft wood that comes from conifer trees. Since it is both inexpensive and strong, pines are favourite raw materials for the shipbuilding industry. And unlike traditional hardwoods that face shortage because of the diminishing supply, pines are available all-year round because they are grown in plantations.

Beautiful grains and ease-of-use

Aside from its affordability and availability, pine doors have become highly in demand because of the beauty of the wood which. Its colour can turn dark yellow as the wood ages, providing more character to your doors. Depending on how the pine is cut, it can produce wood with erratic or straight grains.

Door and cabinet-makers prefer to work with pines since these woods are easy to work with. This wood work well with glue and nails and are easy to saw. However, pines need to be stained to get a uniform and beautiful appearance. Pines used for doors and cabinets should be preserved properly as they can easily rot when not maintained regularly.

The hardness of pine wood also varies depending on the species. If you want harder pine wood for your doors, choose the Caribbean heart pine which is very hard with a 1280 rating in the Janka Scale. The softer pines are those with lower number ratings including the 560-red pine and the 420-white pine.

If you want your pine doors to have straight grains with that red-brown colour then choose the Ponderosa Pine. While this pine is not super hard and strong, it is however great for doors as it has a moderate shrinkage characteristic.

Want your home to have that elegant classic hardwood look but cannot find affordable ones? Check out the various types of pine doors and you will be surprised how it can fit your home interiors and your budget.