If you’re debating whether to get a wooden front door or a GRP composite door read this blog post to find out the pros and cons of each unique style. Choosing an external door for your home is crucially important for creating a good first impression to any visitors, so make sure you set the right tone with a front door that perfectly reflects your own sense of interior style.


This is classic choice, and for good reason. This front door material won’t be subject to a passing fad – generations of home owners have chosen wooden front doors and wouldn’t even consider any other alternative. Its timeless appeal means that homeowners will not feel forced into updating it regularly to keep their home looking stylish and modern in line with latest design trends, and the quality of the wood used in their production makes them a solution that is built to last.

Wooden front doors also add a feel of authenticity and look more aesthetically pleasing and as such are the perfect choice for design-conscious homes where the use of natural materials is important. The versatility of this style also means that it’s able to work with rustic as well as contemporary home styles – our extensive range can easily cater for both. It is versatile also because if you have your heart set on a certain colour rather than the natural colour of the woodgrain, painting a wooden door is very easy and it won’t take long for you to achieve the desired outcome. The only real drawback with this door style is that it will need some maintenance over time to protect it against the elements.


GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester, and this man-made material has been increasingly used for front door solutions for years, thanks to its amazing benefits. These include the versatile choice of colours available – for example, take a look at our extensive range of colours. GRP doors also have the added benefit of being extremely strong, so they automatically add a sense of security to the front of your home, which is a prime concern for every homeowner.

These doors are also excellent insulators of both heat and noise, so they are ideal for front doors where you need to block out the noise and light from the outside world, and keep your hallway nice and cosy. They can also be made to look like traditional wooden doors, so at first glance it’s hard to tell the difference. Unlike natural materials, these doors require very little maintenance to keep them in perfect working condition, so if you’re looking for a secure, long-lasting, minimal fuss front door a GRP composite solution will work perfectly for you.

Why not pop in and see our full ranges of both before you make up your mind? We’ve found that customers who have struggled to choose between the two often can often decide much more easily when they see them first hand.