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What home improvement tasks make the biggest impact

  • Every homeowner wants to maximise the value of their investment, and so it’s no surprise that at one point or another many of us have decided to make some major changes to improve our homes. But what home improvement tasks make the biggest impact? Here are 7 of the most common areas people choose to improve with the hope of increasing the value of their property.

    1. Improving home security

    Making your home secure is one of the most important features of your property, and for many of us it starts with a sturdy front door. Check out our extensive range of external doors, with excellent security features and highest quality materials for peace of mind.

    2. Adding an extension

    Whether it’s making the kitchen bigger, or converting the garage and adding another level to the top floor, increasing your space at home will nearly always add value. If you are changing the purpose of one room to another, or sacrificing garden space to complete your extension, think about what you are giving up before you commit to making the change so that you don’t regret it

    3. Adding a second bathroom

    Converting a downstairs cloakroom into a second bathroom, or adding an en-suite to a master bedroom will immediately add more curb appeal to your home if you’re thinking of selling, or it might just be a very practical addition if the inhabitants of your household are struggling to manage with just one bathroom.

    4. Changing a bedroom

    If you decide to change an unused bedroom or box room into a dedicated home office this could be a great way to show how versatile the space could be.

    5. Updating all fixtures and fittings

    For making an immediate impact, changing the fixtures and fittings of your home is a fantastic way to make a positive change. Why not consider updating your internal doors with some new designs from our impressive range? Check them out online now.

    6. Incorporating technology

    Having a smart home is a home improvement task that will probably make the most impact in terms of making your life easier. Having your lights, your heating and your appliances controlled from your phone is just the start of it. Check out this great list for an idea of how incorporating technology in your home could transform how you live.

    7. Landscaping the garden

    It’s not just the inside of your home that needs care and attention – your garden and house exterior need regular maintenance and care too. If your green thumb leaves something to be desired or you simply have no idea where to start, why not consider getting a professional gardener in to help you transform the wilderness of your garden into a gorgeous lush extension of your property for entertaining in.