It’s not just drama queens who love to make an entrance! Your hallway is the entrance to your home, and the best way to set the tone for the style and interior design choices within for any visitors you are receiving.

Any homeowner who takes pride in their property will want it to look its best, and there’s also a lot to be said for using your hallway to reflect your own interior design style and choice of décor.

Here are some tips to make your hallway entry unique to you and your style.

1. Add colour in unexpected ways

You don’t have to slap an outrageous colour on your hallway walls to illustrate your quirky interior design style, but that doesn’t mean it has to look bare and barren either.

A handmade rug or a cluster of unusual photo frames can add colour pops to otherwise bare walls and floors. Best of all, it’s not a huge job when you tire of it and want to update it.

2. Personality can open doors

Doors are often an overlooked part of the hallway décor, and yet for most of us there will be at least two doors visible from this part of our home – the rear of the external door or front door, and at least one internal door, perhaps to the living room or kitchen.

Use the fantastic range of internal and external doors available from us to create a unique look and feel to your hallway.

3. Light up

Hallways can often be devoid of light, especially if you lack windows here, or if you have a lot of internal doors blocking the light from other rooms.

One way to combat this and open up your space again is to incorporate internal doors with glazed panels and the same with external doors – bring the light back into your home without compromising on privacy or security.

If you still feel like your hallway is too dark, why not use this to include a unique light fixture or a quirky lampshade to draw the eye up and create interest.

4.Heavenly stairway

Stairs in the hallway is a common sight in many homes, but you can help to transform yours with staircase stencils - or, if you have a steady hand, why not give painting them yourself a go?

We love these Moroccan-style stairs which will instantly brighten up any hallway, and create a unique hallway entry that will delight your visitors, and you of course!