Taking the time to weigh up your options when investing in updates in your home is very sensible. Between paint colours, flooring, and soft furnishings, you might not even have considered updating your internal doors. This is often an area that people have some trouble deciding on, but we’re here to help you decide and with that in mind, we’ve listed these 5 reasons why wooden doors are the best choice for your home, no matter if you have a traditional style or a contemporary look and feel to your décor. 

Timeless design

There’s no denying that solid wood internal doors are a beautiful addition to your property. If you want to add a luxury finish to your home interior, you can achieve this much more easily with wooden doors than you can with uPVC. Of course, these door types have their place, but with wood being the preferred choice for generations it’s easy to see why this is often the only consideration.  Use oak doors like these to enhance your property and increase its curb appeal. 


Wooden doors, being made from natural materials have additional energy-friendly benefits. They have excellent insulation properties, which is ideal for keeping the temperature steady in rooms in your home.  Heat insulation isn’t the only benefit though, as noise insulation is also an attractive feature of this type of door. 

Enormous choice

With wooden doors styles and finishes you are spolit for choice, and this material really allows your individual style to be represented within your home décor. In terms of wood types, oak doors, mahogany doors and walnut doors are all popular choices. Then, the actual door style – do you want solid wood, or perhaps some glass panels to let in additional light? Maybe you prefer plain and simple, or detailed panels with elegant carving. Of course you can always buy them plain and paint them the colour of your choice. Which type are you? 

Very durable

When you invest in your home, you want to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely and that you’ll get good value. Quality wooden doors will last for years – it’s not uncommon for timber doors that are well looked after to have a 60+ year service life. There are also treatments available for your doors to extend their life and ensure that you get maximum use from them. That’s surely a sensible reason to choose wooden doors for your home. 

Limited environmental impact

Wood is a natural resource, and as such the damages to the environment can be limited with new trees planted to ensure a sustainable future for this material. With their long life there is also less need to update them as frequently, making them a ‘greener’ choice for your home. 

Choosing the right doors for you can be tricky, but we’re on hand to help with expert advice and fully trained staff to advise you every step of the way. Why not call in and see our impressive range of doors on display today, or view our online showroom gallery for some inspiration.