With lots of choice when it comes to picking interior doors, there are lots of factors for home owners to consider when it comes to finding the door that is right for your home.  Cost and style are often two of the biggest factors but the type of material you choose for your door should be top of your list of things to consider when it comes to selecting your door.  Oak doors are one of the most popular internal doors and they offer many advantages to home owners who are looking for new doors.  Below, we take a look at some of the main reasons to consider oak doors.

Oak Doors

5 Reasons to buy oak doors

1.     Well priced Oak doors tend to be relatively well priced, especially when compared with alternatives like walnut doors and mahogany doors.  Cost can be a big reason for many home owners to choose oak doors, particularly if you have a large number of doors to fit.  Fitting oak doors will also mean your costs for other fittings like the door frame and skirting board will also be kept down.

2.     Oak doors look good You’re always guaranteed that oak doors will go down well with guests in your home.  Whether you choose to paint or stain them or simply leave as they are, the grain, texture and general look of oak doors are very appealing to the eye, and they work with so many different interior design styles.  Oak doors also perfectly complement wooden floors and work well with other floor types to including tiles and carpet.  They are an extremely versatile door.

3.     Long lasting If you are spending a lot of money on interior doors, you’ll want a door that is going to stand the test of time.  Let’s face it, you don’t want to invest in doors for your home only to have to pull them apart a few years down the line.  Oak is a quality material that will last for years.  It is strong and scratch resistant meaning they can take lots of wear and tear on a daily basis.

4.     Great insulators Doors and windows are two of the biggest factors for keeping heat in your home and oak doors in particular are great insulators, helping to keep heat in your rooms during the colder autumn and winter months.  As oak is denser than most materials, it can also keep your rooms cooler during the warmer summer months.

5.     Reduces noise Solid oak doors in particular can be really good at reducing the noise that flows from one room to another.  This can be a big advantage for many families investing in oak doors and it also helps block out the noise that comes from outside of your home.

Find your oak doors today
These are just some of the main reasons to consider oak doors for your own home.  Oak doors can come in many different styles and finishes making them extremely versatile and a really popular choice for both existing builds and new builds.  Check out our full range of oak internal doors here or visit one of our Northern Ireland showrooms today.