The sky is the limit for anyone shopping for a new door for the home whether it is for exterior or interior purposes. After all, there are many types of doors to choose from including fibreglass, vinyl, steel, aluminium and wooden doors.

All of these doors have different characteristics that make them more fitting for specific room types. There are materials that are only available in certain sizes too. But while these fixtures are primarily used because of their function, it cannot be denied that one of the main considerations when choosing them is their aesthetic value.

And when it comes to that, nothing beats the wooden doors which have become a favourite among homeowners who want their housing materials not only to add beauty to their space but also to stand the test of time. When it comes to wood, you can choose between the genuine material which is more expensive and the simulated wood which is readily available and more affordable.

But like most materials, wood is also susceptible to the changing climate so there is a need for some maintenance to keep them looking good and functional even after several years. This is especially true if wood is used as material for an external door. There are woods that shrink over time so you can just imagine how your door will look like after a few years.

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your wooden doors looking good and functioning properly at all times:

Use cotton clothes and water for cleaning

No matter if wood is used for an external or an interior door such fixtures will accumulate soot and dirt over time. While this is natural, it is important to clean and wash the door periodically before the contaminants become acidic and destroy the finish of the door. The best way to maintain doors made of wood is to thoroughly clean it two times a year using a damp cloth. Use warm water with mild and non-abrasive soap if there is an excessive build-up of dirt. Make sure you dry the surface after washing it with water.

Check for water penetration

Water can seep through the wood especially if the door is used as an external door. Wood tends to crack and allow water to seep in when it is not maintained and cleaned regularly. Worse, it could also rot because of too much moisture inside. When this happens, chisel the rot away and use a filler to cover the hole. Once it is dry, you need to sand and seal the wood.

Recoat finishing

There are different types of finish for wood so there are plenty to choose from in case the finish on your door has peeled off. However, it is important to be consistent so if the original finish used is oil-based, then use the same finish for the renovation work. If you are not sure or just want to use a different finish this time around, then just sand the wood and entirely remove the old finish before applying a new coat.

Regular maintenance is important to keep your wooden doors last long even if they are exposed to extreme weather conditions and to the grime that has almost become common in daily living.