Internal doors play a big role in the aesthetics and interior design of any home.  The style and finish of internal doors will often be influenced by the décor of your home.  From colour and material to the size and door handles, there’s a lot to take on board when it comes to deciding on the doors that you want as such a focal point in your home.  Below we take a look at five steps to making the right choice when it comes to picking internal doors.
A guide to picking your internal doors

1.      Decide on your door style As we’ve already touched on, the style of your internal doors can be influenced quite heavily by the décor of your home, but they can also play a big part in this décor, especially if you are renovating or involved in a self-build project.  Getting the style of your door right will have a bearing on the rest of your interior.  From traditional mahogany and pine panel doors to more modern, contemporary doors, your choice of interior door needs to reflect the style that you want throughout your home. 

2.      What type of wood will you choose Once you’ve decided on the style of door, next up is the type of wooden finish for the door.  The type of wood you choose for your internal doors will likely influence other wooden furniture in your home including tables, cupboards, kitchen cabinets and even your wooden floors.  You will want these to complement one another although it is possible to mix different types of wooden doors if you want a mix of styles for different rooms in your home.  Popular types of wood for internal doors include mahogany, pine, oak and walnut.

3.      Panels or no panels Panels on a door provide a very traditional look and feel to your interiors and are perhaps the most common finish on interior doors. From the classical 4 and 6 panel doors to more modern square panel doors, there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing doors with a panel finish.  The same can be said though for doors without panels with glass in particular becoming popular on many interior doors.  Flush, contemporary doors, barn doors and framed French doors can also provide your interiors with something a little different from the norm.

4.      Door framing When selecting your internal door it’s much more than just the door itself that you need to consider.  You need to be thinking about everything from the floor to your skirting and architrave and the door frame. These will all need to complement your internal door and will play a big role in the overall impression of your home to visitors.  Flooring (whether it’s wooden floors, tiled floors or anything else) and doors in particular both play a big role in the overall look and feel of almost every home.

5.      Remember safety Safety is an important thing to consider when it comes to selecting your internal doors, especially if you have young children.  You want your doors to be safe for children so this may mean looking at things like a slow close and placing your door handles higher up so that children can’t open them when unsupervised.  Another consideration is whether or not to place fire doors in your home.  While firecheck doors will increase your overall spend on the doors, they are can significantly improve the overall safety of your home.

6.   Find the right interior doors today Once you have the style and type of internal door in mind, it’s time to start looking at the different options available to you.  There will be different finishes to suit different budgets and if you look at the right time, you can even pick up some great internal doors on clearance. You can view our full range of internal doors here, or simply call into one of our Northern Ireland showrooms.