There is plenty of choice today when it comes to picking doors for your home or business, whether these are new doors or replacement doors.  One of the most popular type of doors for inside the home are oak wooden doors.  But just what is it that makes oak doors so popular?  Well, let’s discuss.

6 Reasons why oak internal doors are so popular

1.     Durable

As with any furnishing in your home, you want to ensure the door you choose will stand the test of time.  Cheap, manufactured doors can sometimes look very appealing due to the price, but the lack of quality isn’t worth saving a few pound over.  Oak doors have a solid frame and are durable, hard wearing and long lasting doors.  So while you may pay a little bit more than cheaper alternatives, you’ll certainly get your investment back, and then some, for many years to come.

2.     Good insulator

Doors, like floors play a big role in helping to keep heat in your home and act as a great insulator.  Oak doors help to trap heat during the colder winter evenings, but also work well during the warmer summer days as they allow your home to get cooler.  Oak is a dense material making it extremely energy efficient.

3.     Complements other furnishings

The variety of colours and attractive look of oak doors, means it works well with other furnishings.  From wooden floors and cupboards, to tables and chairs, oak doors complements so many different types of furnishing.  Oak is a popular type of wood for manufacturing different furnishing and this allows wooden doors to perfectly complement other furnishing you may have in your home, regardless of their colour (light or dark in appearance).

4.     Floors and doors

As mentioned above, oak doors work well in partnering wooden floors, but they can also be a perfect match to tiled floors and carpets.  Oak doors add a lot to the décor of your home, and the versatile nature of the wood, means it works really well in enhancing your choice of floor.  Your floors and doors are such a big feature of your home, and one of the advantages of oak doors is that they go with almost any floor type.

5.     Reduce noise

We’ve already highlighted the insulating benefits that oak doors provide, but they also have acoustic advantages that can really benefit many types of home.  Oak doors, in particular solid oak doors, create a great noise barrier when closed.  This makes oak doors a popular choice for homes that are located on busy streets or even near the road.  It also makes oak doors a popular choice for many office buildings due to the acoustic nature of oak.

6.     Affordable

The final benefit of oak doors, and one of the most important is its price.  Oak internal doors are extremely affordable for many homeowners, as you will be guaranteed a top quality, natural wooden door at a really good price.

Find out if oak internal doors are right for you?

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