Christmas is upon us, and while you’re planning the perfect presents, perfecting your Christmas day menu and finding out what that naughty elf on the shelf has been up to, don’t forget to also give the front of your home some Christmas cheer too. It’s easy to impress anyone calling in over the festive period with a beautifully dressed front door, and with these tips you’ll be able to pull it off effortlessly. Read on to find out more about dressing your front door for a stylish start to Christmas.

Adding a wreath

A beautiful wreath on your front door is a classy and sophisticated addition to your home’s entrance, and with so many styles of wreath available, including the very popular option of making your own wreath, you can easily find a style that matches your home – whether you’re a traditionalist or prefer a contemporary look and feel. Make sure to include lots of seasonal accents in your wreath, like pine cones, holly and even some sparkly Christmas baubles – red, green and gold colours at this time of year are always timeless, and they’ll go with most front door colours too.


A seasonal garland is a nice way to dress your front door entrance or porch if you don’t want to include a wreath over the door – or if you can get them to match, it’s a great way to tie them both together so that it doesn’t look too messy. You can also use them to decorate the windows at the front of your house, the bannister (which is a great way to dress your hallway too), your mantle and around doorways. Adding optional lights to your garland can take it to the next level. It works especially well for homes with an arch above the entrance.

Fairy lights

Christmas is all about twinkly lights, so anywhere where you can add some delicate white lights to your front door is a good way to dress it for the festive season. We love this idea of including lights around the door, the wreath and the trees on either side of the door – it’s a very minimalistic and stylish way to bring some Christmas cheer to your home. If you don’t have power points handy to your front door, why not get solar powered lights instead which are more convenient and won’t cost you anything to run?


Invite people into your home (and limit the amount of snow they bring with them) by adding a festive doormat to your front door. There’s lots of novelty designs available if you feel like being a little bit silly, or classic ones if you would prefer something more subtle and in keeping with the rest of your décor style.