The new year is the perfect time to make some much-needed improvements to your home. One area of your home which rarely sees an update, and therefore is most likely to need one, are your internal doors. It’s easy to update the wall colour or replace old furniture, but changing your internal doors is a larger job and naturally you’ll want to make sure you’re making the right decision, as the end result is one you’ll have to live with for a while. Oak doors are a timeless and classic choice of doors for any home, so if risk adverse options are what you’re looking for, look no further. Here’s all you need to know about investing in your home next year with new oak doors.

Why oak doors?

Why should you choose oak doors above any other type of door? There are many benefits to oak doors which you’ll appreciate – their style, the durability, their affordability and their ability to blend seamlessly with most other internal fixtures and fittings. Oak has always been a popular choice for internal doors, and this popularity shows no signs of waning, so choosing these doors for your home is a guarantee that you’ll be making a smart long-term investment in your home.

What styles of oak internal doors are available?

When it comes to choosing the right style of oak door for your home, it’s unlikely that you’ll have complete uniformity across every room. You might love the look of this Genoa Oak Door, which would be ideal for your hallway to living room, but between your living room and dining room you might want doors with frosted glass panels included to allow some additional lighting into the space – in that case, why not complement the original door with one of these Genoa 1-Lite Unglazed Oak Doors? If you’re not sure about what to match with what, talk to our team and they’ll be able to advise you and offer suggestions to ensure you get a new set of internal doors you love.

Where can you have oak doors?

Oak doors are so versatile, they can be used all over the house and will be equally as relevant downstairs as they are upstairs in bedrooms and bathrooms. They are a great match with most other wood types as well, so you can confidently match them to wooden flooring and wooden furniture without worrying that they will look messy or out of place.

What are the internal oak door bestsellers?

Need some more inspiration? Here’s a few of our customer favourites which have rapidly become bestsellers:

·      Trade Spec Contemporary 4 Panel Oak Door – these stylish modern 4 panel doors are perfect for any fashionable home. They look very luxurious, and are available in 3 sizes so they’ll suit most homes.

·      Shaker Vision – these oak doors are truly unique, and if you’re looking for something contemporary and unlike anything else on the market then these are the doors for you. Designed using sandblasted glass inset into the panel, these will be a visually stunning addition to your home.

·      Surrey Pre-Glazed White Oak Door – these doors are ideal for any traditional home. They are styled to include a three-quarter glazed panel, subtly enhanced with an elegant shaped middle rail and head.