In case you haven't already heard, 2018 promises to be the year of bold design and loud colours. The entrance to your home is your chance to make a design statement, so don't let it pass. Find some clever ways to embrace the front door trends for 2018 as we look ahead to the coming year and all the great design inspiration it holds.


In 2017 Pantone announced 'tangy yellow-green' as their colour of the year and the tone was set. Natural green shades rested on beige and grey backgrounds – however this theme will not be continued throughout 2018. In 2018, ‘Ultraviolet’ replaces the tangy tone. Even the name suggests a more energetic, eccentric shade and while it’s very unlikely that front doors will follow suit in this purple shade, you can still embrace it with potted plants around your door in these delicate hues to bring some much-needed colour to the entrance of your home. As for the rest of the colours for 2018, expect deep blues, rich reds and bold blacks, and these strong colours will set the tone as guests arrive at your home. If you want to add some colour to your front door, Door Store offers GRP composite doors in a wide range of different colours – check out the range online.


Classic door styles will thrive in 2018, especially when combined with modern colours. Single block colours will be fashionable, broken up by metallic or patterned glass. The latter two fashions in home interiors will allow you to integrate your door style into your more extensive home interior selections.


2018 sees the return of stainless metals and shiny metallic finishes. Silver handles and knockers will stand out against dark coloured doors and provide eye-catching accents to dress your front door. Expect to see more metals throughout homes in 2018 too, not just your home exterior. 

Patterned Glass

Classic glass patterns are regaining popularity, and soon you’ll see them throughout the home. Like metal, they can add an extra dimension to single colour doors, not to mention a practical addition if your hallway needs some additional natural light. New GRP doors allow you to enjoy great design, plus they are made to the highest environmental standards. Door Store stock a range of front doors which incorporate traditional glass patterns, allowing for natural light in your hallway.

Door Types

Traditional front doors are heavily influencing the trends in 2018. Mayfair, Oxford and Edwardian doors will dominate design magazines and street fronts alike as style-conscious homeowners seek their inspiration from the classics of the past. Re-makes of these traditional door types can already be found on many new builds, providing farmhouse and stately overtones in urban homes. It's also good news for those who like mahogany finishes and light stained doors. These fashions will remain, albeit bolder tones will be more widespread. PVC doors will be overtaken by more natural wood styles.

While last year the focus would be on the door's wooden colour and organic look, the focus of 2018 will be texture. Modern shades and bright colours will be made all the more striking by showcasing the natural grain and beauty of the wood. We predict that artificial or overly sleek looks won't be as popular as trends shift to more authentic styles.


If your home allows, grander entrances are the big design statement of 2018. Narrow windows on either side of your door expand your entrance and give a tremendous lighting boost. This trend for opulence will be found throughout the home in windows, pillars and sumptuous furnishings.

For more design tips, check our blog regularly, or talk to a member of the team in one of our showrooms who can advise you on what’s trending and what will date your house.