Choosing new internal doors for your home is a great way to transform your interior, and a fantastic investment in your home which you can enjoy for years. But how do you pick the right internal doors for you? There are lots of options available, and your decision is one which you’ll have to live with for some time, so it pays to spend time now reviewing the options before you commit to a style. To help you with your decision, here are some popular internal doors and why they could be right for you.

Traditional internal doors

For many classically-styled homes, a traditional interior is preferred so that it’s in keeping with the rest of the house. That doesn’t mean your options for stylish interior doors are limited however. We have lots of traditional styles of doors which would perfectly complement the rest of your home. If your furniture or flooring is typically lighter, why not consider a door from our oak range which would be a great match?  If you prefer darker wood, we also have an extensive range of mahogany doors to add some elegance and class to your home interior.

Modern internal doors

A contemporary home needs modern and stylish doors to fit with the rest of the house style, and we can provide lots of inspiration in that regard. Contemporary doors are defined by their simple design style, with clever features added to really show off the beauty of the natural wood. Take this Contemporary 4 Panel Walnut Door, which is made using very stylish walnut wood, and incorporates a simple panel design. Pair with chrome accessories for a truly up to date look for your home.

Panelled interior doors

Plain doors have many positive qualities, but sometimes you want something a bit more interesting for your home interior, and if your budget can stretch just a little bit further, you might want to consider panelled doors for your home instead. These are a great way to an extra element of luxury without going over the top. Choose the number of panels from our popular two, three or four panel door options, or why not mix it up a little bit by opting for panelled doors with beautiful sandblasted glass inserted between them for an extra stylish finish?

Glazed internal doors

For homes which lack natural lighting sources, you want the privacy that a door affords, without creating dark rooms – in these cases, glazed internal doors are ideal. They still offer all the security you would expect from your interior door, with the option for clear or sandblasted glass panels (for rooms where you want some extra privacy). Best of all they’re available in all your favourite wood finishes – oak, walnut, mahogany and white.

Fire check doors

In some apartments or flats, it may be necessary (by law or for insurance reasons) to have a fire check door in place to keep your property and others in the building safe in the event of fire. If your garage is attached to your house it is usual that a fire check door is also required between these rooms, and in these cases it is preferable that the door closely matches with the other interior doors. We offer a range of quality fire safe doors in a range of finishes – white, oak, walnut and blank doors so you can choose the best option that suits you and your home.