Parquet flooring has been with us for centuries. Its durability and attractiveness making it a favourite for generations. Now, new processes mean that we can create beautiful parquet floors that are tailor-made for modern living and which will become the classic flooring of the future.


Proud of parquet

There is something about a parquet floor. Of course, it’s easy to say that now once the trend machine has turned its usual circle and people everywhere are peeking under their carpets hoping to discover an early twentieth century hardwood gem. But the truth is that parquet is warm, durable and timeless – a total classic that should never fall out of fashion.



Parquet flooring can be dated back to the Sun King himself, Louis XIV, who used it in preference to those old-fashioned and hard to maintain marble floors that we all had back in the day. So, if you are looking for a heritage floor parquet certainly fits the bill.



There are many patterns but our favourite is herringbone be it single, double or square. Not to be confused with the chevron pattern, herringbone was used by the Romans 500 years before the birth of Christ to create their famous and, let’s face it, durable roads.



Yes, it would be wonderful to turn up an immaculately laid and preserved herringbone parquet floor in your house, but in the absence of such a stroke of fortune, many people turn to reclaimed floors in the hope that they will transfer perfectly to a new location. Sadly, this is easier said than done as it can be variable in thickness and quality leaving the fitter a more difficult (and expensive) job which will invariably lead to greater waste.



In truth, parquet laminate flooring is a practical solution. If you are desperate for a vintage effect you can tumble it in a cement mixer to distress it, but there is a real argument for just enjoying the creation of a modern classic floor with excellent authentic materials and that suit the needs of modern living.



Parquet laminate flooring is made of layers that are bonded together using a lamination process. It is a flooring option that can be used throughout the home adapting, well to modern heating and air conditioning systems and the fluctuations of moisture and temperature. This enables installation over underfloor heating and allows for easier methods of installation.



And, if you are wondering which wood to choose, the answer comes in three familiar letters, o-a-k. Durable, attractive and set to overcome the challenges of featherweight trends for other woods, oak is the way forward for floors.



Parquet is the king of wooden floors but modern technology gives you options that make your life easier, warmer and more convenient without losing the qualities of real wood and authentic design. We love parquet floors.