Doors are important. They say a great deal about the house to which they provide entry. This is especially true at Hallowe’en. We like to decorate doors at this time of the year, but why?

Who’s that knocking on the door?

Hallowe’en is descended from the ancient Irish festival of Samhain (pronounced saowun), when the boundary between this world and the otherworld could more easily be crossed. At Samhain, it was believed that souls of the dead needed to be appeased, so offerings of food and drink were left outside the door or they were invited inside by leaving the front door open. This is the background to present day trick-or-treating.

What do doors say?

Now, it is true that the average chocolate-seeking ten-year-old will not stop to think much about the quality of your front door, but most people will get a message about you from the door you choose to welcome visitors, dead or otherwise. What is it made of? Is it modern or traditional? Does it provide a window into the domestic world beyond? Is it panelled or flat, dark or light, gloss or matt?

Echoes of the past

We are more influenced by tradition than we think. The Georgian fanlight, originally conceived in 1770 as a way of lighting an otherwise dark hallway, was limited in its initial design by the available means of constructing its glass panels. As technology developed, so did the designs available to door designers. However, we still echo this design in many of our doors because of its simplicity and elegance – a mark of all Georgian design.

Glass anywhere

These days we can put glass panels anywhere in our composite front doors. Yes, they often echo the past but many also communicate more contemporary attitudes, such as long central strips or a series of square glass panels. You may not realise it but the decisions you make about glass in your front door says a lot about your values. And what’s more, you will probably have to live with it for a good few years.

Knock on wood

Everyone knows that an external door needs to be hard wearing. If you choose wood, then mahogany fits the bill.  Doors crafted out of Mahogany will accentuate the beauty of your place year after year. They are the best in terms of sustainability and maintainability because they are less prone to stains and patches. Mahogany doors can also be easily cleaned, do not shrink, swell or grapple with the changes in the weather conditions.

Technology advances

If you are open to new ideas and less focused on traditional materials, then composite doors are a perfect external solution. They are made up from a variety of materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The combination of materials results in a door that is very strong and secure.

Release your inner door designer

The flexibility of the composite door also allows you to become the designer you always knew you were. Check out our door builder to see how easy and satisfying it can be to make decisions about shape, style, colour, glass and light so that you get the exact external door that fits your lifestyle and your personality.

Open the doors of perception

So, this Hallowe’en, don’t shut yourself off to the traditions of the past or the spirit of the future. Take time to consider your front door options. You will open and close it many times during the course of each day, so it is worthwhile making a considered choice. After all, you never know who will be calling on All Soul’s Night!