Oak is very much part of our lives, and it has been for centuries. The oak tree produces one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet, even its Latin name, Quercus robur, means strength.

Oak is part of our history. It was sacred to the druids and is a symbol of strength and survival. Its leaves and bark were believed to have healing properties and it has a vital role to play in our natural ecosystem. Oak wood has been used for thousands of years to build houses, ships and furniture. That’s one reason why the Door Store is proud to be the UK & Ireland's largest stockists of oak doors. The other reason is that oak is the perfect wood for both doors and flooring and we believe that no matter what style you bring to your interiors, you will be able to find oak doors and oak floors to suit.

Popular for a reason

When you consider Oak’s aesthetic and technical qualities and its extensive availability, it is no surprise that it can be used for nearly anything. It’s one of the most popular and widely used timbers in Europe. There is a vast array of technical options when it comes to harvesting and preparing oak – it can be used green, riven sawn, planed, quartersawn, crowncut, pippy, burry, square edge, super prime, prime, character rustic or downright downgrade. However, we know that when you come down to the Door Store to choose a door or a floor you will simply find the type of oak that best suits your needs.

Filled with character

These days, oak timber comes from well-managed, sustainable woodland sources. It has pale yellow brown heartwood with medium coarse grain, tending to be straight and uniform. It takes glue, stain and polish well – a strong and durable timber. Amazingly, oak flooring welcomes everyday wear and tear with scuffs and marks actually adding to its character. It is hard-wearing but soft enough to be restored if necessary. Let’s face it the appeal of oak is somehow timeless.

It creates a feeling of warmth at any time of the year. It’s natural – however you try to mimic it artificially, it is never the same. It is safe for children – tried and tested over generations. It is unique - every floor and door has its own colour, character and structure.

Plenty of choices

When you arrive at the Door Store, you will find oak everywhere. It might be White, Dark, Limed, Merlot, Potter’s Grey, Hand Scraped, or Full-plank, but every option will bring a new idea to how the interior of your house will look. It is our pleasure to help you work out which oak option is best for your home and your life.