Only 60km west of London and just off the M4 our Reading showroom is accessible, friendly and provides you with an incredible range of options indoors and floors for your home.

Waking up to doors and floors

People are really waking up to the fact that their choice of doors and flooring for their home has a huge impact on its style and atmosphere. They are also beginning to realise that there is a huge range of options to choose from and enjoy taking the time to select interior and exterior doors that they will live with for years.

Oak is back

The resurgence of oak as a material that fits contemporary lifestyles has put it front and central in the Door Store’s product range. Oak slots in perfectly with all types of interior design ideas. You can look back to the 1930s for inspiration, with our Edwardian Rustic oak doors which are copies of the ever-popular 1930’s style 4-panel internal door with the traditional rustic appeal of pippy oak. Authentic styling features such as an ogee bead and flat panels make this door ideal for house renovations, maintaining a little of the original period charm and helping to achieve the much sought-after balance between old and new.

Go modern

Or, you can go all-out contemporary with interior doors that make use of straight lines and bold panels, such as our Shaker Door selection that uses sandblasted glass to create panels that allow strips of light through to bring a sense of airy comfort in your home. The Monza, Milan, and Genoa ranges are all door options with a highly contemporary look and feel in which glass panels can be used to alter the look and feel of your home’s interiors.

Check out the options

Of course, oak is only one option with mahogany doors and walnut doors also available to create different palettes of warmth in your home through the rich tones of darker hard wood. And let’s not forget the laminate options - designer doors produced using a durable prefinished laminate with a contrasting painted V-Groove detail.

Floor for life

Our Reading showroom doesn’t stop at doors of course, with a huge range of wood flooring options available. Again, oak is a staple material for contemporary floors as it is warm and durable, but it provides a raw canvas for you to work your magic as we provide it limed, brushed, lacquered, stained, hand-scraped or UV oiled to generate the exact finish that you need.

Again, it doesn’t stop with oak as our laminate flooring range provides you with many other flooring options that create the same opportunities to build character in your home through using styled laminate ranges such as Inlay Walnut, Aged-Oak Parquet or Appalachian Hickory.

Come and see us

The thing is, you probably won’t get a real sense of what we have to offer unless you pay us a visit. We want you to get a chance to see and touch our product range in reality so you get a sense of the richness and quality that we are offering. So, if you are anywhere near the Thames Valley or Reading and thinking of redesigning your interiors, drop by the Door Store Reading Showroom. You won’t regret it.