Front door décor is often overlooked by busy homeowners. There’s so much to keep clean, tidy and maintained on the inside where you spend all your time, that often the front of your home is a second thought or neglected until you want someone to take notice of it for the right reasons. If you’re wondering what front door colour you should have, read on to find the perfect hue for you. 

The entrance to your home is vital to maintain, not only to increase curb appeal to prospective buyers but because it speaks volumes about what to expect from your personal decorating style once inside. Your exterior door is your home’s first impression, so make it count with the right colour. You should pick a colour that suits your house style, and your personality style for the perfect balance.

The most popular colours to paint your front door are red and black, but for different reasons. Black is classic yet modern, sophisticated and simple – it indicates that beyond the front door there will be order, and a contemporary design style that carries throughout your home. As a contrast, red is bright, vibrant, colourful and as such, your interior design choices are likely to be more adventurous and daring.

Grey is a colour for interiors that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so it’s no surprise that it’s been a popular recent addition to exterior door colour choices as well. A strong grey, like this anthracite grey exterior door would be an elegant front door colour choice for your home, and is one of our customer favourites. 
Design tip – remember that the colour you pick will be in natural light most of the time, so if you’re painting your door, make sure to test a patch outside before applying it all over, instead of relying on the harsh lights in your local DIY store.

Have you ever considered a yellow front door? Not for the faint hearted of course, but this cheery colour has the added benefit of being very welcoming and friendly, so it’s an excellent choice if you are often entertaining and want your guests to feel at home. Blue exterior doors look fantastic when paired with grey stone or slate walls, or if your house is near the sea to complement the beach-feel and the nearby sea breeze. 

Design tip – if you have leftover paint, why not use it to paint a garden bench so that you can continue the colour theme for the exterior of your home and tie key colours together for design synergy?

Brick houses will really benefit from dark greens, and the best part about this shade is that it gives the illusion of changing shade depending on the outside light – in bright sunlight it will really dazzle, whereas on darker days it will look more conservative.

What colour would you pick?