Most people probably do not give enough thought to the impact that interior doors have on their space at home. Although doors are to some extent the transition between spaces they are an important tactile element which must function perfectly but also add value to the overall style of your home.  That’s why choosing interior doors for your home requires a lot more thought than just the design.

Add character

These days, internal doors boast unique features and craftsmanship that will add interest and character to any interior space. By carefully selecting these features and finishes it is possible to use your internal doors to create a lasting impression.

Extra light

There has been a definite rise in the use of internal glazed doors to provide a natural and cost-effective means of dispersing light, creating the impression of larger and brighter interior spaces. Kitchens, living rooms, hallways, lounges, living rooms, and home studies can benefit from glazed internal doors. If you want natural light without sacrificing privacy, sand-blasted or opaque glazing will do the trick.


By carefully selecting the size and shape of glass panels you can bring traditional and contemporary echoes into the home. Glass that sits in the top third of the door suggests the Edwardian era, whereas, long thin panels or a series of slim horizontal glass sections communicates a more contemporary aesthetic.

Solid wood

Solid wood doors always have a strong presence and fill a home with character. They are highly durable and have a natural elegance which adds a touch of class. Whether you choose to paint your doors or keep the natural grain exposed, a solid wood door always manages to warm up the atmosphere of a house. You can dial up the rustic charm even further by using traditional small glass panels.


The most important thing to remember when you are choosing interior doors for your home is to take your time and examine all the options thoroughly. There may be types of doors available to you that you simply haven’t considered. You can chat live to us here at the where we can advise you on what your options really are, taking into consideration your ideas, your house, and your budget. You will be living with your door selection for years to come so it is vital that you think it through first.

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